Sport should never be used as a battleground.

Lelisa Desisa, winner of the 2013 Boston Marathon

“I am sad and ashamed to be part of a student body that is quick to support a man who is accused of sexual assault, simply because he is a good football player, and even quicker to condemn the alleged victim of the crime as a liar.”

Student to Mary Coburn, Vice President of Student Affairs at Florida State University

And I’m high enough from all the waiting
to ride a wave on your inhaling.

Oh, she knows what I think about
and what I think about.
One love, two mouths
one love, one house.
No shirts, no blouse.
Just us, you find out
nothing I wouldn’t wanna tell you ’bout.

It is idle to adjudicate upon the right and wrong of incidents that have already happened. It is useful to understand them and, if possible, to learn a lesson from them for the future. It is difficult to say for certain how a particular man would act in a particular set of circumstances. We can also see that judging a man from his outward act is no more than a doubtful inference, inasmuch as it is not based on sufficient data.


I like how you think about love.

We must always be prepared for endless waves of transformation. Both of us deserve better than staying together because we’re afraid we’ll be destroyed if we don’t.

Eat Pray Love

It was impossible for me to regard Christianity as a perfect religion or the greatest of all religions.


“We hardly know one another.”

“You can learn me.”

21 Signs You Really Are Becoming An Adult

Originally posted on Hannah Gale:


1. Red wine. You paired it with steak ONCE and then it happened. A horrendous lifetime love affair. FFS.

2. Lemon. Not as in I’ll have a lemon and sugar pancake, as in, I’ll choose the zingy lemon dessert over the dirty, melty, scrumptious chocolate fudge cake. Oh.

3. Pains. Pains with no causes. Oh my lower back, oh my overpowering stress headache, oh my shoulders, oh woe is me I’m old.

4. You own enough items for ‘clutter’. ACTUAL CLUTTER LIKE YOUR WEIRD AUNTIE HAS. Old ornaments and photo frames and books and papers and stuff. That’s it, stuff.

5. You understand how it’s possible to have 17 cups of tea, even in summer. It’s just so damn British and soothing in any situation.

6. Comfy pants are the absolute bees knees.

7. Board games and a good book totally trump 3am raves EVERY TIME.

8. You have a keen…

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