Opponents of same-sex marriage

Opponents of same-sex marriage, [Scalia] said, are not monsters. Surely he’s right: many opponents of same-sex marriage are perfectly nice people who love their kids, donate to charity and don’t kick puppies for sport. The same was true of many segregationists and others who have been on the wrong side of history. One can simultaneously not be a monster but also hold entirely awful views. When it comes to issues like equal rights, the story is in fact black and white: if you want to exclude your neighbor from exercising a right as fundamental as marrying the person they love simply because that person is the same sex, you aren’t Hitler, but you’re most certainly a bigot. The public is increasingly recognizing that tradition and religion simply aren’t good arguments for infringing on the rights of a minority group.

Jill Filipovic: Sadly, the supreme court rulings won’t stop discrimination and hate


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