Pew Research: T…

Pew Research: The Coming Out Experience

“I really wish it wasn’t the sort of thing I was obligated to ‘tell’ people. Nobody is expected to tell their friends and family that they are straight, but because I happen to fall in love with women, society says I have to make a big to-do about making sure everyone knows. I’ve always been a very private person. It bothers me a lot that the opinions of others have to have such an impact on my personal life. I can pass judgment all I like on other people’s relationships, but I would never push to legislate them or even expect them to disclose any aspect of their private lives to everyone they meet. I have a lot of repressed anger about this double standard that I’m held to, as it’s not just talk. The talk has led to laws that literally now prevent me from actually being with my soul mate and celebrating our love because some people think it’s gross that our private parts match! Do you think we sit around and talk about how gross it is what other people do with their privates? We don’t.”

29-year-old lesbian


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