The chosen moment

And what would be the chosen moment? The moment never seems quite right, we always think that whatever pleases or brings us joy, whatever solace or succours us, whatever drives us through the days, could have lasted longer, a year, a few months, a few weeks, a few hours, we always feel it is too soon for things or people to end, we never feel there is a right moment, one in which we ourselves would say: “Fine, that’s enough. That’s all over with and a good thing too. Anything that happens from now on will be worse, a deterioration, a diminution, a blot.” We never dare go so far as to say: “That time is past, even if it was our time,” which is why the ending of things does not lie in our hands, because if it did, everything would continue indefinitely, becoming grubby and contaminated, and no living creature would ever die.

Javier Marías: The Infatuations

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