Men’s and women’s football can only be “compared” when women are, and have been for a significant length of time, afforded the same opportunities and wages as their male counterparts. Until that point, there can be no “comparison” as there is no level playing field. I have never heard of a female footballer earning £100,000 a week. I have, however, heard of female footballers who have to supplement their “job” as a “footballer” with another occupation because their earnings are not sufficient. In addition, female footballers having to book holidays to attend international tournaments is also something I have heard of quite often. There has never been talk of a boy having to join a girls’ football team because of the lack of opportunities open to him. Having played football since before I could walk, I have never known boys be ridiculed, or their appearance on a girls’ team questioned because of their sex. Moreover, the sexism, homophobia and misogyny surrounding women in football (and sport) is a whole other topic altogether. Another day.


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