11 – 13

Had my third first week at work. Went pretty well, quite surprised at how much I’ve remembered of the processes and systems.

Went out on Friday for the first time in forever to the Village. Took the bus home at 0230h and was in bed at 0400h.

Met a friend of a friend of a friend who had, in March, meditated with the Dalai Lama in the Himalayas. (Couldn’t even script that.) Was cool to meet someone who is in to yoga. (Not that I’ve done too much looking, but incidental meetings of Yogis are the best kind.)

Discussed the idea that we are all one at yoga. How it’s important to do right by one another because our actions ultimately return to us. Yogini Sue did a headstand for a bit of “fun” – I stared in amazement, wishing my biceps would afford me the opportunity to do the same.

Was kinda fun to go to class after four and a half hours sleep. Not that I’d recommend it but it wasn’t something I ordinarily do. I’m sure my inner control freak was delighted.

Talked to a few people on Twitter about the aesthetic differences in two “Namaste” symbols I’ve seen. (Considering a tattoo at the base of my breastbone.) Turns out it was, as previously thought, the font.

Clean bed sheets and freshly shaven legs.

Had a little shopping expedition with the Parentals today. Picked up a few things for the ol’ abode and a few presents for us all. I got a new watch (see previous post for details.)

Heard Drake’s “Hold On” on Steve Wright’s Sunday Love Songs. Never fails to make me smile.

Arrived home and read some more of Paper Towns. Fell asleep during the most eventful ten minutes of Barnet – Wrexham and missed Edgar Davids forearm smash Stephen Wright and get sent off.

Discovered four face masks in my drawer :]

Namaste :]


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