Fleeting Glimpses of Love on the New York Subway



Street photographer Matt Weber has been documenting life in New York City since 1984 when be bought his first camera, a Canon AE-1 with a 50mm lens. Since then he has taken thousands of photos that run the gamut of human emotion; from anger and hatred to love and compassion.

You can go through his extensive archives on his blog weber-street-photography.com where you can scroll endlessly through his work and broad-based categories.

In a section entitled Urban Romance, Weber captures fleeting moments of love in New York. I found his subway portraits particularly striking, as the New York transit system is a whole world unto itself.

The MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) is the largest in North America. With 24 subway lines, 468 subway stations, 659 miles (1,060 km) of track and an annual ridership of 2.3 billion people (this figure includes buses), a lot happens underneath the streets…

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