25 – 27

Went for a celebratory tea with MSc Zoe on Friday. Had a very nice pizza. Not sure my body appreciated the cheese.

Full body massage on Saturday morning. What an absolute delight for my body that was. Such tight shoulder and back muscles after carrying too much stuff around for five weeks in America. Looking forward to it again next Saturday.

Yoga with a different teacher. Not sure my body was too up for it after being pummelled for an hour on the massage table. Difficult class. Felt a bit rushed.

Went to see my favourite band, Local Natives, play on Saturday night. So glad I went, they were awesome and everybody was loving it.

Discovered Cloud Control’s “Gold Canary” – I much prefer the live version.

Bought myself a tee. Slightly concerned that I’m turning into Popeye on spinach with all this Chaturanga lark. That or large tees are getting smaller. (Hopefully the latter.)

Went for my first run since California today. 4.5km, sure my body and hip flexor will let me know about it tomorrow. Took in a few inclines to rid myself of some anxiety/tension/anger for good measure.

Came back and decided to see how far I could get into Crow Pose, just as a little experiment. Was pleasantly surprised when I managed to transfer weight to my hands and ever so slightly lift my right leg off the floor.

Namaste :]


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