“Your (sic.) all just a bunch of Obama haters!”

An excerpt from a comment I received on my NSA and Merkel post.

My musings were simply an analysis of the words used by both German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, in response to the accusations publication of documents by The Guardian via Edward Snowden confirming that the NSA has spied on the communications of over 35 world leaders.

An Obama hater? Okay. First and foremost, I am not an Obama hater. I recognise that he won two Presidential elections and guess what? I would have voted for him on both occasions. Furthermore, shock horror, I think “Obamacare” is one of the most revolutionary, and greatest, pieces of legislation to happen to America. Here come the Socialist allegations. 

Secondly, disagreeing and “criticising” a particular administration for their or their predecessors’ decision making skills where national security is concerned does not make me a “hater” – I like to create questions and philosophise. Do you want me to post an essay I wrote about Waterboarding in the context of the War on Terror for a Terrorism and Human Rights class I took in my final semester as an undergraduate, in which I pulled the Bush administration’s stance on the topic to pieces, just to balance opinion?

Thirdly, I’m a lesbian. Any politician/public figure who comments that,

“I believe that marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman, and that’s because I believe the ideal setting for raising a child is where there’s a mother and a father in the home”

isn’t really someone that I want to associate myself with, never mind vote for. I’m looking at you, Mitt Romney (and the majority of the Republican Party.)

A few side notes:

I don’t think Edward Snowden is a traitor. Much like Chelsea Manning should not have been imprisoned for her disclosures. I understand that there is a national security angle, and also that all countries spy on one another – that is just the nature of the beast. If what I’d written had been read correctly, I acknowledged as such in my, But not German citizens elsewhere? questioning. (Perhaps I should write more thoroughly on the topic.) There is always going to be more to say.

Snowden’s disclosures have created a welcome and overdue debate on the fine line between national security and civil liberties. On Manning’s leak of a video documenting a U.S. helicopter attack that killed a number of Iraqi civilians, I would ask if people really want their servicemen and women partaking in such activities (see also: Abu Ghraib) and them being swept under the carpet by those in positions of authority? The helicopter attack should never have happened in the first place.

Before the ante is amped up and the “You hate America” commentary begins, let me just say that I have a Bachelor’s Degree with First Class Honours in American Studies, and commenced the programme because of my immense interest in the country and its culture. I hope to continue postgraduate study in the same field. America has – and continues to – fascinate me on a daily basis. I have chosen to discuss the National Security Agency because they happen to be a major part of public debate at the current moment.



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