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Friday. Family gathering for my cousin’s 18th birthday. We are now all of legal drinking age, which is really weird! Was good to see everyone as we don’t cross paths all that much any more.

I’d written a few things on Facebook about me volunteering at the Lesbian and Gay Foundation, and both my aunt and uncle were asking me about it. I’ve never “announced” my homosexuality to my wider family, but it has been inferred on a number of occasions. It’s really nice to have such a positive reaction and to be asked questions about what I’m getting up to and my future plans.

Went for a massage on Saturday although I wasn’t actually in the diary for an appointment. Got there early enough to manage 40 minutes which was really nice.

Went for a hair cut. Really noticed it when the wind blew past the side of my head Haha

Bought a new ridiculously expensive cosy jumper from Superdry. Thought better of expanding my navy collection and bought it in a deep red. Lovely.

Expected to go to my yoga class at 1200h but arrived and discovered that the schedule has changed, so I was actually 40 minutes late 😐 Not to worry, will go on Thursday night instead.

Not a wasted journey as I was meeting my best school friend in Manchester. Had a good catch up in Starbucks and a man mistakenly took her for my girlfriend after we shared a hug. Then proceeded to tell us about his 24 year old Chinese girlfriend. Interesting fellow.

Saturday night was a lot of fun. Went over to a friend of my sister’s for dinner and hilarity. Good night playing video games and eating good food. Madagascan Vanilla Custard is the one. Sausage barms for breakfast – yes.

Came home to watch the Grand Prix and eat Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

Ran 5km today. Really need to start wearing a hat because this weather is far too cold on the ears. Felt good to get back out there for the second week in a row. Hip Flexor seems to be holding up at the moment – will see what happens when the mileage increases.

Watching NFL with @MissMintMav and @MintMav :]


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