2014 resolution as a yoga student, as a holistic practitioner, and as nothing but myself.

Yoga Teacher Training Journal

Happy New Year everyone.

This holiday season was pretty good one for me.

My last new year with husband was a lot of fun as well.
We had a countdown party with friends and a bunch of kids.
I actually don’t really get attached to kids who don’t belong to me, so having many kids was a bit annoying, yet kids play with each other, so I was fine.

This year, I had a low key new year with boyfriend.
30th was our first annual turkey dinner with musician friends.
We jammed and had a blast playing music, which I’m sure my hubby is proud of me.

Then, had a case of polish beer and leftover turkey was our new year feast.

One draw back of the new year holiday this year was that I was the middle of 40 days commitment, which passively forced me to wake up early…

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